Enter to Win A Body Support Pillow!

Cushion contest_

You’re invited to visit our shop in Kahului to enter to win one of our 63″ Body Support Pillow.

We are so excited to share our complete line of products with Maui that for a limited time we are giving away one of our top selling items.

Winner will be announced July 4th on Facebook.com/milegahawaii.

The Long Tube retails at $149 and is 63 inches long . The washable cover is 90% cotton and 10% lycra and the winner can choose from one of our many color options. The inner lining holds the styrafoam beads that conform to your body making this cushion a comfort experience like no other.

What you know as “bean bags” we call poufim. Our poufim are all washable, light weight, extremely comfortable and portable.  We offer many different types and sizes to fulfill all of your alternative furniture needs.

As they say once you go poufim … you’ll never go back to traditional furniture.


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